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Lose Weight Fast with Cardio Bursts

Lose Weight Fast with Cardio Bursts

October 9, 2011

I’ve read a lot about HIIT, or High Intensity Interval Training, and apparently this is a much better way to lose weight fast than doing long, sustained cardio as it causes your body to release fat burning chemicals into the system which burn fat even after you’ve finished. Of course, it has the added advantage of taking less time to do!

But I’ve never thought of doing 30-60 second bursts in between weight training sets, which, according to this article, improves your fat burning performance massively:

Using cardio bursts throughout a workout achieves maximum calorie burn and weight loss in less time.

The Science Behind Cardio BurstsPress Ups

Cardio burst workouts feature high intensity interval training. The method elevates the heart rate for a brief period of time before bringing it back down and then back up again, never allowing the heart rate to stabilize.

“Interval training and vigorous exercise cause a large rise in the body’s fat-releasing chemical including adrenalin,” Dr. Michele Olson said. Olson helped design the Firm Express, a home fitness regime that incorporates cardio bursts. “Adrenalin is what makes the heart pump faster and stronger,” she continued.

A variety of studies show the benefits of HIIT, cardio burst training. Some of the benefits, according to The Epoch Times include helping more blood and oxygen reach the heart, improving fatigue threshold, protecting against some increases in blood pressure, and increasing the efficiency of how muscles use oxygen.

“When one works out vigorously, the heart has to function at a high rate to supply the muscles with the oxygenated blood they need for rapid contractions,” Olson said. She continued to explain that as adrenalin hits fat cells “it causes them to release fat sooner and in higher amounts during exercise – an effect that is prolonged after the exercise is finished. But, adrenalin levels during longer steady-state cardio do not climb enough to elicit the same high release of fat. “

Putting Cardio Bursts to Work in Your Fitness Routine

Adding cardio bursts to your routine does not have to be difficult. Some bursts that you can try include high knee switch, tuck jumps, sprinting in place, and burpees.

* For the high knee switch, start with your right knee at waist level. Then, jumping slightly off your left toe, switch your legs. Go back and forth repeatedly.

* Tuck jumps really boost your heart rate. All you have to do is jump, bringing your knees up to waist level, tucking your legs. Do this repeatedly.

* Sprinting in place is as easy to do as it sounds. Tighten your core, bend forward slightly and move your feet as quickly as possible in place.

* Burpees incorporate squats and push-ups. Drop into a squat position and place your hands on the floor. Then, kick your legs back so that you are in a plank position. Once there, do a push-up before jumping your legs back in and standing up again.

A cardio burst can last anywhere from 8 to 60 seconds during a normal workout. The burst normally takes place between regular workout sets. For example, one set of weight training would be followed by a burst during which the heart rate would be elevated. After the burst, go back to strength training and then repeat.

Adding cardio bursts to a workout routine elevates the success of your exercise program. Shape magazine referenced one study that found “a single 30-second sprint ups blood levels of human growth hormone—which boosts lean muscle and can melt fat—by a whopping 530 percent.” Try the HIIT, cardio burst technology to burn fat and lose weight fast.

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