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2011 June

From the monthly archives:

June 2011

Here’s an article from Celebs.com about Gwyneth Paltrow’s recent toploss photoshoot for Vanity Fair magazine.

Let’s face it, for someone nearing 40, she’s in great shape and here’s how she does it:

Modest celebrity mom Gwyneth Paltrow just posed topless for Vanity Fair magazine. How does the celeb stay so slim with two young children, a rock star husband, and approaching 40? Her physical fitness routine that keeps her skinny, toned, and healthy includes eating right and daily exercising. The famous mother of daughter Apple and son Moses is married to Chris Martin from the rock band Coldplay. One might think that being married to a rocker and living the busy life of star celebs known for jet-setting might lead her to eating poorly. However, she claims her life is very regimented, and that she dedicates herself consistently to rising at 4:30 in the morning for exercise and strives to be sure she’s eating healthy daily.

Fast food won’t cause the health and fitness downfall of Gwyneth Paltrow, it seems. She prepares lots of healthy food for herself — as well as decadent dishes — but she eats only small portions and consumes any one food item in limited amounts. Her personal celebrity fitness trainer is none other than Tracy Anderson. As a fitness guru to the stars, Anderson advocates daily rituals of structured workout schedules, a highly-nutritional but low-calorie diet, and above all, keeping personal well-being at the forefront of your mind with each health and nutrition decision.

What does that mean? Take care of yourself: mind, body, and spirit.

Even critical Daily Mail UK had only the most positive things to say about Gwyneth Paltrow. The website shared the following description of Gwyn’s fabulous physique and fashion choice to pose topless, wearing only sexy low-rise pantyhose. They gave their approval of the almost forty celebrity mom, revealing:

Her seemingly constant flow of advice to the world on how to copy her wholesome lifestyle may not impress everyone.

But you can’t help but be impressed by the [positive] effects of healthy living on [her] body.

The 38-year-old mother of two looked a decade younger as she posed topless wearing just jewellery and a pair of fishnet tights in a revealing photoshoot for Vanity Fair magazine.

Check out the hot photos of Gwyneth Paltrow topless, but still modestly covered, here.

Celebrity Diet

Even Paltrow’s daughter Apple, like mom, is a healthy eater — and the family thrives on vegetarian cuisine. Because things like veggie burgers from health food stores, “that, upon cooking, became brown, rubbery, and frankly terrifying…,” are so nasty, the celeb says she started making her own from scratch for her celebrity family.

Stemming from her desire to eat right, Paltrow wrote her own cookbook. Called My Father’s Daughter: Delicious, Easy Recipes Celebrating Family & Togetherness, the Hollywood diva, who also hosts her own blog GOOP, was able to share family recipes. Regarding those new veggie burgers of hers, The Star.com shared a quote from the celeb: “‘My guys like these with avocado,’ writes Paltrow in the cookbook’s only oblique reference to Coldplay husband Chris Martin (son Moses gets plenty of mentions).” Click here to read the recipe.

So, is seeing the celebrity mom topless going to offend anybody? Not likely. This veggie-powered girl is a real beauty.


I just stumbled upon this You Tube video about McDonalds. It’s pretty tongue in cheek but worth a watch nonetheless. It might make you think twice before ordering the large fries!


I couldn’t quite believe what I was reading when I read the article below. There are people now getting addicted to liposuction as a means to lose weight on a regular basis.

So basically they are eating an unhealthy diet and when the pounds go on they just go and have the fat sucked out of them. When they get fat again, they get it sucked out again.

I can understand why this may appeal to some people. You don’t need to bother eating healthy and exercising and you just get the fat sucked out on a regular basis to stay in shape.

But of course, you’re not really staying in shape are you?Operating room

For one, when you have liposuction, the fat is only removed from the area worked on, not the whole body. When you lose weight naturally, the fat is gradually broken down over the whole body allowing you to look trim all over. With liposuction, you may lose the fat on your bum or your thighs or your gut, but the rest of you stays just as fat. How daft will that look?

Secondly, there are risks associated with any surgery. Why put your life in danger for a quick fix when you can do it safely, healthily, and quickly enough with a small changes to your diet and a bit of exercise?

Thirdly, liposuction may take the fat away from certain areas of your body, even all the major areas if you’ve got enough money, but it doesn’t remove it from your arteries. You’re going to be just as unhealthy inside as before you had the procedure, and you’re under just as much risk from obesity related health disorders as before. You’re still under as much risk from devleoping diabetes because you haven’t dealt with the route cause of the problem, you’ve only addressed the symptoms.

And of course it goes without saying that this does nothing to address the real cause of your weight problem in the first place… your lifestyle habits.

So liposuction is a quick fix that doesn’t really fix anything. It’s a dangerous short term band aid for a serious long term problem.

My recommendation… don’t even think about it. You must be mad or plain stupid to think this is a solution to your weight problems. The solution is in your head. It took a long time to put the weight on, give yourself time to get it off again, and get it off for good just by making small changes.

Here’s the article:

Popping another biscuit into her mouth, mum-to-be Natalie Choppy-Godfrey didn’t think twice about the effort it would take to lose her baby weight. While other expectant mothers fret about squeezing back into their jeans when the baby’s born, Natalie knew she didn’t have to worry.

Because even before falling pregnant with her second child, Natalie had consulted a surgeon about having her baby fat sucked out. Next month she will have liposuction on her stomach, thighs and hips to restore her body to its pre-baby glory.

The latest operation will take the number of areas she’s had worked on to 10 and Natalie readily admits she ­is addicted to the buzz she gets ­from liposuction.

She says: “I know some people will criticise me for having so much ­liposuction but believe me I’ve tried the hard way and it didn’t work.”

And there’s something about the procedure that Natalie gets a kick out of. “You get a huge rush when you see your body improved so dramatically and so ­quickly,” she says.

Childcare worker Natalie, 33, is one of a growing band of so-called liporexics, women who are addicted to liposuction, and rely on it to keep in shape. Last year former Big Brother contestant Chanelle Hayes admitted she was addicted to the procedure.

She had her first bout of liposuction in March 2008, losing a stone of fat from her legs and bottom. Just six months after her son was born last year she had more liposuction in the same area.

Dr Eileen Bradbury, a consultant psychologist at the Alexandra Hospital in Cheadle, near Manchester, treats patients who arehooked on cosmetic procedures.

“People can become addicted to the anticipation, the excitement and the attention they receive,” she explains.

“There is a short-lived fabulous feeling. But the post-procedure high fades, life goes back to normal and all the mundane problems come back so you need to go for another fix.”

But consultant surgeon Patrick Mallucci insists women who claim to be “addicted” to liposuction are using the term loosely.

He says: “I think it’s more likely that what we have is a growing number of women who’ve had a great first result and are asking themselves where else on their body can they can achieve a similar good result.”

Patrick performs several liposuction operations every week at his clinic, London Plastic Surgery Associates UK.

“Patients are usually quite tentative when they take their first steps in cosmetic surgery but after one operation, the fear has gone. They’ve had a positive experience and decide they want something else done because it’s no longer a big deal for them.”

He says all patients are screened to ensure they are mentally and physically well enough for surgery.

Patrick warns against slim women seeking the procedure. “If a woman doesn’t have enough fat or the same area is worked on over and over it will cause the skin to appear pitted and dented. It’s not nice.”

But Jenny Fowler from Let’s Face It Together (www.lfit.co.uk), providers of cosmetic surgery abroad, who organised Natalie’s liposuction, believes she will achieve a good result.

“Natalie is the perfect candidate because she is committed to healthy eating and moderate exercise,” says Jenny. “But when she regains weight, as she did with the pregnancy, she struggles to lose it again from her problem areas and only surgery can fix that.”

Natalie got her first taste for liposuction when she was 31 and slimming for her wedding to Mark, 37.

“I’d never been happy with my body but my job as a broker meant that my eating habits were terrible and revolved around restaurants and fast food,” she says.

“I’m only 5ft 3ins and my weight crept up to 16 stone and a dress size 18. I was determined not to walk down the aisle as a bride in a size 18 dress.”

Natalie tried various diets but soon lost heart when the weight didn’t come off quickly enough, so with her confidence in tatters she arranged a consultation.

In March 2009 Natalie flew to Belgium and had fat sucked from seven parts of her body. “Yes, I was in pain afterwards,” she admits. “But I cannot tell you how excited I was. I’d spent years trying to lose weight and then I had shrunk overnight. Who wouldn’t be excited?”

Before she even left Belgium Natalie decided she wanted more liposuction. After her first operation Natalie lost three stone over 12 weeks and was a size 12 when she got married.

Just two months after her wedding in 2009 Natalie discovered she was pregnant and contacted her surgeon.

“I could really relax and enjoy my pregnancy knowing I wasn’t going to suffer with my weight the way I had before. It dominated every aspect of my life but liposuction changed all that. It’s no wonder I love it so much.”

Transform, one of the leading providers of surgery in the UK, reported a 17% increase in liposuction operations since last May. Of those patients, 21% were repeat customers. Shami Thomas, from Transform, explains: “We’re seeing increasing numbers of women coming to us for repeat liposuction procedures on different parts of the body and it looks as though the trend is becoming more and more popular.

“Although we actively discourage women from using liposuction as a substitute for a healthy diet and exercise, the procedure is highly effective at helping to remove stubborn pockets that are difficult to tone and the effects are almost instant.

“This means that many women will start to see the procedure as a ‘quick fix’.

“However, many women come to us for repeat liposuction for example, they may come for treatment on their thighs, love the results and come back to us for lipo on their hips to create a contoured shape.

“Transform would turn away any patient we felt was becoming reliant or too addicted.”

But Jill, 47, from Norwich, Norfolk says her addiction to liposuction has put her in debt. She’s had four operations since 2008.

“I’d battled with my weight all my life and was a size 18 when I first tried liposuction,” she recalls. “I couldn’t stick to diets and though I knew it wouldn’t make me really slim my surgeon agreed it would motivate me to carry on losing weight. He was right.

“After seeing all the fat that was sucked out I ate much healthier foods and lost three stone.”

But in 2010, Jill went on a cruise and came back a stone heavier. “I felt disgusting,” she recalls. “My stomach was huge so I took out a small loan and flew back to have it sucked out three months later.”

Since then she’s returned for liposuction to her chin and arms and is planning more work on her thighs.

“My husband isn’t happy and thinks it’s a waste of money,” she says. “We had a huge row about me getting a loan for my arms, which is daft because it’s still cheaper than a yearly gym membership.”

But Natalie has the full support of her husband Mark and next month she will spend three days in Belgium having the baby fat sucked out. She is already planning a follow-up trip next year to get her arms done.

“I’ll probably use liposuction to keep my figure trim for the rest of my life but I’m happy and healthy, so what can people say is bad about it?

“Liposuction really has changed my life. I’d recommend it to anyone but I’d warn them it’s addictive.”


An interesting article here detailing Ryan Reynolds’ workout and diet regime to get in shape for The Green Lantern. I must admit I’d quite fancy looking like that, and the wife wouldn’t mind me looking like that either!

While there are mixed reviews about the movie Green Lantern, everyone seems to agree that the body of Ryan Reynolds as a Green Lantern is, indeed, perfect compared to most mortals. The green ring may have chosen him (Hal Jordan in the movie) as the first earthling to be part of the Green Lantern corps, but recently Reynolds was chosen by close to half a million voters as having the best overall body at the second annual Best Hollywood Bodies Award jointly given by US Weekly magazine and Gold’s USA. He also got the Best Arms Award in the male category.

No body like Reynolds’

A body like that of Reynolds not only means discipline and commitment but a lot of hours exercising. His personal trainer for nine years now is Bobby Strom. Popular for a lot of celebrity transformations, Strom also trained Reynold’s estranged wife Scarlett Johansson for Iron Man 2. Last year, People magazine named Reynolds as the “Sexiest Man Alive” while GQ named Johansson as “Babe of the Year”! Married in 2008, the sexiest couple announced the end of their marriage last December.

In published interviews, Strom shares the workouts he gave actor Ryan Reynolds.

News has it that in the fitness and showbiz industries, great numbers search the “Ryan Reynolds’ workout.”

Strom first worked with Reynolds for the movie Blade: Trinity. The workout spanned six months, seven days weekly, 90 minutes daily. “We never did the same workout twice,” he stresses. One day may focus on abs (about 70 percent) with some leg or upper body exercise.  Reynolds switches to Pilates or yoga when exhausted, and goes kickboxing to prepare for fight scenes.

“By working opposing muscles from day to day, the workouts complemented each other. We’d do legs one day, no legs the next. Abs one day, then no abs or minimal abs the next day. One muscle group would recuperate while we engaged other muscles,” Strom adds.

Different roles require different looks. Strom then designs the diet and workout to achieve the look. “For a romantic comedy, he needs to shrink down a bit (about 180 and 11-percent body fat). For Blade and Green Lantern, he was 200 pounds and eight-percent body fat,” he explains. Reynolds is 6’2” tall.

When Reynolds need not be buffed for action hero roles, he is basically on his own. As an avid athlete, workouts are really part of his lifestyle.
No greenhorn: A body like that of Ryan Reynolds, the star of Green Lantern, not only means discipline and commitment but a lot of hours exercising.

And now, the ‘Green lantern’ diet

When you have to pack up 20 pounds of muscle, equally important as exercise is one’s diet. Strom walked the extra mile by even preparing the Green Lantern’s diet.

“I cooked for him six days a week. I’d make a healthy Bolognese: 97-percent fat-free ground bison, sautéed in a skillet with broccolini and my own marinara sauce, along with black pepper, a little cayenne, and some garlic. No salt, no sugar, served over brown rice or a top-quality brown rice pasta. I’d also cook ground turkey and grilled salmon,” he says.

The ripped physique of Reynolds in Green Lantern is without compound training or exercises on more than one muscle group at a time. Examples of compound exercises are deadlifts, squats, and chest press which create more of a bodybuilder’s physique than the lean, cut look of Reynolds. Strom used functional fitness to get Reynolds to bulk up fast, combining traditional isometric weight training, resistance band exercises, and core/stability exercises.

Reynolds’ workouts generally began with sit-ups, followed by heavy weights for muscle bulk.

“Lower abs are the hardest muscle to develop. Most males store their fat in the lower abdomen. The trainer had me using one of those exercise balls between my legs, lifting up and down, using my arms to anchor myself. I’d also put a 15-pound dumb-bell between my feet, and do leg raises while lying on the ground,” Reynolds shares.

“If you hate your workout, you’re not going to do it,” Reynolds quips.

May we add, if your workout isn’t working, you won’t be interested to continue doing it.

As a Green Lantern, Reynolds saved the universe using his willpower to fight the evil that feeds on fear. As a scrawny and lanky guy, he worked hard and developed his skills and physique winning not only global attention but plum roles as well.